who we are

The Pathway of New Life

Our Pathway

In 1993 we developed a vision for New Life...to help people discover the pathway of new life in Christ. The question that we are always exploring is
“What does that look like?” The answers to that question has led to many seasons of reforming our structures and expressions of congregational life.
We are still discovering. We are still in pursuit. We are still reaching for the prize of Christ.

Our Pentecostal Perspective

  • We live with an expectation of supernatural gifts and empowerment for radical obedience to Christ.
  • We resist being conformed to a world system and economy that is ruled by rival kingdoms in conflict with the kingdom of God and Jesus its king.
  • We find our identity in the new creation of the Spirit that continues the story of God’s covenant people.
  • We thrive and flourish in the super abundant provision of every good gift from God through Christ.
  • We make every effort to live in the unity of God’s love as an expression of the future restoration of all things that has begun now in us.

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